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Learn how JollyRx helps you to get the Rare/Specialty Medicines online

About Speciality Medicines

Rare or Speciality medicines are a group of classified medicines that are a niche segment to cater to and are not readily available for consumption. While medical technology has advanced in recent times, the availability of drugs in remote locations is still a challenge. Rare diseases have been in existence since the beginning of time and due to their utilization occasionally, their availability is a challenge. This segment is a neglected area that requires catering to and JollyRx is a platform that helps overcome the challenge of the availability of these medicines.

Increase in demand for Online Medicines

With the onset of Pandemics and epidemics throughout the world, the requirement of readily available medicines has become a necessity and the demand has increased worldwide. With demand pouring in from remote locations. These locations being unserviceable by most of the logistic companies, the need for delivery becomes very much imperative. 

The world has witnessed a large-scale emergence of e-commerce platforms for nearly every requirement. Due to the increase in demand for online buying from consumers, the requirement is gradually shifting from offline to online platforms.

The e-Pharmacies across the world have gained large-scale popularity with the rapid shift in buying patterns. The ability of e-pharmacies to overcome the stock out issues has become a game-changer in the Pharma industry and has enabled the availability of drugs at the time of requirement. These medicines are also affordable due to the better supply chain and inventory management and this leads to a substantial decrease in cost to the customer.

In line with these benefits the e-pharmacies purchase medicines directly from large manufacturers and licensed re-sellers and are a boon to remote locations where the availability of medicines is a very difficult process and an easy medium to come by is a miracle.

Benefits of JollyRx Platform

JollyRx is an online B2B platform that integrates with medical institutions worldwide and enables the availability of rare medicines and medical equipment for the timely treatment of patients. This platform due to its state-of-the-art new technology advancements in logistics supports the delivery of these medical requirements in even very remote locations. The platform is a provider of affordable innovative drugs and diagnostic tools and is the pioneer in this segment. Medical institutions find it an effective medium to meet the increasing demands of patients with rare diseases. These diseases lie undetected and untreated due to the lack of medical equipment to cater to this requirement. However, JollyRx has proved to be the savior in these difficult times wherein people are fighting for their lives with no access to medical facilities.

How are we helping?

The broad distribution network of JollyRx ensures the delivery of medicines to remote locations throughout the country. Also, the closely monitored and dynamic business model of the platform allows cost reduction which ensures reduced product prices. The organization directly purchases from manufacturers and has an in-house product range for rare disease conditions provided by Jolly Healthcare which promotes the genuineness of the products offered by them on their platform.

Advantages of buying medicines through an online medium

  1. The convenience of purchase: Purchasing medicines online ensures convenience in comparison to retail pharmacy outlets and is an advantage to not abled and elderly people since it is very difficult for them to move out and purchase from physical stores
  2. Reduced Prices: Due to the robust and dynamic model of online business platforms and no physical presence of stores enables them to procure and sell at a very low cost. This ensures reduced prices of the product
  3. Increased accessibility and availability: These online platforms offer a wide range of products that are not easily available in physical stores and thus have become a popular medium for consumers for their purchase requirements
  4. Information availability; Online platforms showcase information and are very much transparent in their approach of suggesting low price alternatives to medicines. Many platforms also provide medicine reminders and doctor consultation facilities which are a boon to the elderly.
  5. Genuineness and authenticity of products: Since products on online platforms are directly purchased from manufacturers and licensed re-sellers, they are very much authentic and original. This ensures customers for better purchase experience.

Our disruptive digital platform, JollyRX provides additional value-added services to medical establishments for their required supplies of medicines at the right prices and time irrespective of their location. To learn more about their services, visit our website.

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