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JollTRIN: Know the Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Availability and More

  • By Akanksha
  • •  May 26, 2022

JollTRIN: Know about its use, availability, benefits and more

JollTRIN also called the Trientine Cap, Syprine, Cuchel is a medication used for the treatment of Wilson's sickness. The medicine contains an active ingredient trientine hydrochloride. Wilson's sickness is a hereditary condition wherein the body is unable to eliminate copper normally. Copper from food and drink development can lead to issues in the sensory system and liver damage. Thus, JollTRIN works by binding to copper in the body and thereby reducing its levels and eliminating it through urine.  Although the medication provides relief it may lead to iron deficiency in your blood. 

We have compiled this article as a comprehensive guide on Trientine Cap that takes you through its uses, benefits, side effects, and more!

Important Facts About JollTRIN

Manufacturer JollyHealthcare
Composition Trientine Hydrochloride 250 mg
Innovator Brand Syprine, Cuchel
Treatment Wilson's sickness
How it works Works by binding to copper in the body, reducing its levels and eliminating it through urine.
Packaging Type Capsules
Storage 2°C to 8°C

How does JollTRIN Work?

Trientine cap also known as JollTRIN is used to treat Wilson’s sickness, a hereditary health condition caused due to excessive copper accumulation in the body. The medication consists of an active ingredient trientine hydrochloride. Trientine is an orally available copper chelating agent that works by binding with copper and thereby reducing its level, as it eliminates copper through urination.

Benefits of JollTRIN

The following are the noteworthy benefits of consuming a Trientine cap to treat Wilsons’s disease-

  • problems with speech/swallowing/coordination 
  • tiredness
  • lack of appetite
  • abdominal pain 
  • yellowing eyes/skin
  • fluid buildup in the legs/abdomen
  • uncontrolled movements.

Side Effects on Consumption of JollTRIN

If you have been prescribed this medication, the doctor has rightly judged the benefits and relief it provides which is greater than the risk. However, it is important to know the side effects of the consumption of Trientine cap that may cause iron deficiency, thereby leading to the following common symptoms -

Common Side Effects

  • feeling very tired 
  • weakness
  • pale skin
  • chest pain
  • fast heartbeat, 
  • shortness of breath, 
  • cold hands/feet

Warnings and Precautions on Consumption of JollTRIN

The medication needs to be consumed with caution and one needs to be aware of the important set of warnings that comes along with it-

  • Inform your history of allergies - Before taking the medicine, it is always advisable to inform your doctor if you are allergic to it or have any other allergies. 
  • Not safe for Pregnancy or breastfeeding - Pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating women may be at greater risk of developing iron deficiency while taking this medication.

How to Consume JollTRIN?

JollTRIN is packaged as capsules and should be consumed in the following way-

  • It is recommended to swallow the medicine with water.
  • It is advised that you should not chew the capsules. 
  • Follow a low-copper diet as directed by your doctor, for the best results
  • Take this medication regularly, even if you feel better, for the best effects.

Where to Purchase JollTRIN from?

The JollTRIN s manufactured by Jollyhealthcare and is composed of Trientine hydrochloride which is an orphan drug. Hence this medicine can be hard to find for it is used to treat a rare disease like Wilson’s. However, JollRX, an online platform, is your one-stop solution for finding hard to find drugs. Started by Jolly Technology Portal, the main aim of JollyRX is to help improve Indian healthcare by making hard-to-find drugs & diagnostics easily accessible and affordable.

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