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Don't Hassle For Specialty Drugs & Diagnostic Kits

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JollyRX is a Jolly Healthcare-led online medicine venture. It began with a simple goal: to enhance Indian healthcare by making difficult-to-find drugs and diagnostics more accessible and inexpensive. JollyRX created an ePharmacy with additional value-added services so that medical facilities and patients may find the products they need, order them at the proper price and on time, and have them delivered to their doorsteps, regardless of their location.

Challenges of buying speciality drugs and diagnostic kits

The following are the key challenges that arise while purchasing specialty drugs and diagnostic kits:

High Cost: Specialty drugs are often expensive since the cost of recouping research and development is quite high and hence are sold at a higher pricer. Because of this, there is a major burden on the customers' pocket due to which they sometimes prefer not to complete their medications in the first instance.

Drug shortages: Specialty drug shortages pertain to several reasons like - difficulty in acquiring raw materials, manufacturing problems, regulatory issues, as many other hindrances in the supply chain. All of these have a drastic impact on the buying behaviour of the consumers. Either they try purchasing medicines in bulks at a higher price or they are left out with no options.

Lack of competition: Fewer market players, higher prices, changes in prescription toward more expensive brand-name therapies, and limited adoption of the local products are all potential hurdles to effective generic price competition for specialty prescription drugs.

Limited manufacturer distribution: Limited distribution drugs (LDD) comprise specialty drugs that are only available through a limited number of pharmacies, making it difficult for patients to obtain medications when they are needed.

Cons of marketing of speciality drugs

Overall, speciality drugs tend to present challenges to physicians, patients, payers, pharmacies, and manufacturers. With less number of manufacturers in the market, it is inevitable to avoid chances of frauds and black marketing of these rare medicines. 

Any market where goods and services are exchanged in order to ease the transaction of illegal commodities or to circumvent government inspection and taxes, or both, is referred to as a black market. During the epidemic, it was quite evident from several reports published that black marketing and the sale of counterfeit drugs was flourishing at a huge scale. The risk of fraud, the threat of violence, and being burdened with fake items or contaminated products, which are especially harmful in the case of drugs, are just a few of the numerous disadvantages of the black market.

Also, false medical items are a major source of concern for the public health system because they cannot treat any ailment and can actually cause serious health issues.

About JollyRX

JollyRX is a 24-hour pharmacy platform for online medicines which distributes a wide selection of specialty drugs and diagnostics kits throughout India. Even second and third-tier cities, as well as remote communities, can now obtain the most up-to-date medications. They are able to supply crucial medical supplies to healthcare facilities and help them nurture quality and timely patient care via the power of technology, their last-mile delivery system, and 22 strategically located fulfillment centres.

There are numerous benefits of using JollyRX, some of which are worth mentioning:

Buying online medicines- When you order drugs online from JollyRX, you can be rest assured to receive high-quality, life-saving medications on time. From anywhere in the country, you can order drugs online at your leisure.

Fast Delivery- The most significant aspect of JollyRX is that it speeds up the delivery of your drugs. This means that once your consumer completes their order, they may anticipate receiving it within a few hours to a few days.

Availability- The other important factor is the availability of medications and kits. A patient may suffer greatly if a drug is not available, but with JollyRX, availability is a top priority. They keep an eye on each product to ensure that it does not run out of stock.

Secure payments- Payments are completely secure, ensuring that you are not a victim of a scam.

Future of speciality drugs on JollyRX platform

Specialty pharmacy is a distinct subgroup of the pharmacy profession. High-cost, high-touch medication for complex conditions is common in specialty pharmacies. Patients who use speciality pharmacies are frequently battling cancer or other chronic illnesses. In the coming future, speciality drugs will account for more than 60% of the 600 drugs predicted to be approved by the FDA. This massive trend toward specialist medicines has highlighted the need for specialty pharmacies in meeting this demand by providing patients with the assistance they need to maintain adherence and positive outcomes.

As a result, it appears that the need for speciality drugs and diagnostics kits will increase in the future, as will the use of JollyRX. In the future, JollyRX will expand its availability.

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