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All You Need to Know About Andractim DHT Gel

Andractim DHT Gel 

Andractim DHT Gel is a commercially used gel-based form drug used for Muscle enhancement and Andropause related issues  

It was first manufactured and marketed in France by Laboratoires Besins-Iscovesco for male menopause issues, however, it has also been widely used for conditions of Gynecomastia in men. 

The gel primarily helps in dealing with imbalanced testosterone levels in the male body and sexual-related problems like lack of desire, decreased stamina, and low sperm count. 

It also helps in overcoming the problems of penis dysfunction and promotes penis enlargement due to its property of being a metabolite of Testosterone, basically, dihydrotestosterone, and its ability to promote muscle enhancement also helps in penis enlargement. It also promotes male sexual characteristics, such as body hair and facial hair. 

Why use Andractim DHT Gel 

Andractim is typically a topical dihydrotestosterone gel used in the treatment of male sexual-related problems. It is primarily a male sex hormone applied by rubbing on the skin. It is multiple times stronger than testosterone and hence its application has far more effective results. 

Loss of libido and decrease sexual drive is most common in men over 40 years and has a physical as well as the mental impact on the person. The use of Andractim can also resolve the issues of erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. 

The various issues or widely spread male sexual problems which can be catered to by use of this DHT Gel is as follows: 

  • Male Gynecomastia:  

Gynecomastia is a very widespread problem in young males and affects 30% of the male population worldwide. The condition leads to the development and advancement of breast tissues, giving them typically the appearance of female breasts. 

There can be various causes implying the underlying condition, majorly being hormonal imbalances, use of steroids or can also be fetal development issues. These tissues are either soft fat or are challenging fibrous lumps, which in most cases are a combination of both. The alternative to getting this condition eliminated is surgery, however, that can be costly and risky. 

Application of this DHT gel can gradually cure Gynecomastia since it has antagonistic properties towards estrogen, which is primarily the facilitator of this condition. Regular application can lead to painless and cost-effective treatment. 

  • Micropenis Syndrome: 

Micropenis syndrome is a condition wherein the penis can never reach the full potential of its size. An erection under 2 inches is considered a characteristic of micropenis syndrome. The use of this DHT Gel can help in stimulating penile tissues and can help in the enlargement of the organ. With the use of this gel, a person can have the dysfunction resolved and can also lead a happy normal life. 

  • Increased Libido & Sexual drive:

The Topical application of DHT gel releases the hormones more effectively and can also lead to increased sexual stimulation and enhanced libido. The application properly and regularly can help in increasing sexual drive and can also boost and promote sexual desire. 

How can JollyRx help in obtaining the Andractim DHT Gel 

JollyRx is a transparent medium for obtaining cost-effective and original medicines via direct manufacturers. The platform facilitates procurement from manufacturers and licensed re-stockers in the market. The peculiar model of the business with no physical presence of stores or stock areas helps in cost reduction and this passes on the benefit to the end customer. 

With the onset of increased demand for rare medicines in the market and the need for easy accessibility, JollyRx has been playing a very important and pivotal role in catering to the increased demand of the population. 

The platform has been a pioneer in providing and creating availability of these rare medicines and strives to create a global impact in this niche segment. 

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